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  • Michelle Frost

Metal & Magic Series

Are you all caught up on the Metal & Magic Series? Let's check!

The FREE Prequel:

Revenant is available for FREE as part of the Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend(YBBB) Giveaway on Prolific Works. Grab it HERE.


He’d be beautiful if he wasn’t there to kill me.

Being the witch of the Black Dog Pack keeps Kova safe in The Between, but it’s never stopped the man in his dreams from coming after him, night after night. When that man steps out of his dreams and into reality, Kova is forced to confront the truth of his own power as well as the dangerous attraction he’s always harbored for his would-be assassin.

Revenant is a prequel to Metal & Magic, a dystopian urban fantasy romance series.

BOOK #1:

Metal Heart is AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon and to read in Kindle Unlimited. Back in 2019, it began life as a short story and has since been extended to novel length. Grab it HERE.


When stray human Matthew wanders into Black Dog shifter pack territory, he’s injured and vulnerable. The last thing Matthew expects is for the pack’s alpha to be the home he’s always been looking for.

Bram can’t believe his nose when the trespasser his enforcers drop at his feet turns out to be something entirely different. Nursing Matthew back to health becomes Bram’s priority, but the pack isn’t thrilled to have a human in their midst.

When the pack gives them an ultimatum—either Matthew joins the pack in truth or leaves—the only question is, if he decides not to stay, will Bram be able to let him go?

Metal Heart is the first novel in the Metal and Magic series, a dystopian urban fantasy romance filled with magic, adventure, and the perils of being human in a supernatural world.

BOOK #2:

Shifting Shadows is another familiar title for those who've been following me for a couple years. It's been extended from it's original version as well and is coming to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited Spring of 2022. Pre-Order it HERE.


A werewolf haunted by his past, and a human with no memory of his.

Lead enforcer of the Ironheld werewolf pack, Deckard Warren doesn’t trust easily and guards his territory with a wrath as unforgiving as he is. When a rival pack chases an unknown human into Ironheld territory, Deck knows the man could be his mate. He also knows he’ll never admit to it. A man like him doesn’t deserve the kind of happiness a mate could bring, after all.

The only thing Colt remembers is running. With his memories hidden behind an unyielding black veil in his mind, Colt has no choice but to trust the gruff werewolf who offers him shelter and protection. Deck may be the most intimidating man Colt’s ever met, but despite his lack of memories, he’s sure he’s never wanted anyone more.

With shadows and rumors moving through The Between, will Deck and Colt find a way to stand together or be torn apart when all their enemies are brought to light?

Shifting Shadows is the second novel in the Metal & Magic series, a dystopian urban fantasy romance filled with magic and adventure. This series is most enjoyable when read in order.


There's plenty more to come in this series. I'm so excited to share this world with all of you!

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