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Free Reads for your Summer!

Free stories, anyone? The Red Hot Summer M/M Romance Freebies giveaway is here! Grab over 70 stories to fill up your e-reader with all the MM goodness you could want. There's definitely something for everyone 🙂

Get my story, Decadence.

Check out all the stories.

Decadence Blurb:

Lex is an assassin. Keeping secrets and sticking to the shadows is all part of his job.

Arden is a prostitute, working in a high-end brothel. He keeps his secret dreams close to his heart.

They were supposed to have a night of fun, but from their first touch, they find themselves wishing for things they’re unable to have.

Decadence is an Iron Heretics MC Prequel short story. HFN ending. Set three years before the events of Cold Light.


And speaking of Cold Light...

After you check out my FREE short, Decadence, why not jump in and see what happens to Lex and Arden three years later? Cold Light is only 99 pennies this weekend!

*US & UK only*


To all my Metal and Magic lovers...


Metal & Magic is getting an upgrade. What that means is next week, I'll be removing Shifting Shadows from Amazon, both the ebook and the paperback. I'm reworking and extending BOTH Metal Heart(formerly a short newsletter freebie) and Shifting Shadows. The new Metal Heart is already available for pre order on Amazon and Shifting Shadows(with a brand new cover) will be coming early next year. 

If you'd like to have a copy of the original Shifting Shadows as it is now, grab it fast. The ebook and paperback will be unpublished on July 7th. 


Coming December 9th

When stray human Matthew wanders into Black Dog shifter pack territory, he’s injured and vulnerable. The last thing Matthew expects is for the pack’s alpha to be the home he’s always been looking for.

Bram can’t believe his nose when the trespasser his enforcers drop at his feet turns out to be something entirely different. Nursing Matthew back to health becomes Bram’s priority, but the pack isn’t thrilled to have a human in their midst.

When the pack gives them an ultimatum—either Matthew joins the pack in truth or leaves—the only question is, if he decides not to stay, will Bram be able to let him go?

Metal Heart is the first novel in the Metal and Magic series, a dystopian, urban fantasy romance filled with magic, adventure, and the perils of being human in a world filled with supernatural creatures.


Before Metal & Magic gets its makeover, the Iron Heretics MC still have another book joining their ranks...

Coming August 19th!

Dissent is the fourth book in the Iron Heretics MC series featuring an intense love story between three men—Holden, Calix, and Neven. Rival MC Club Presidents with a past history, an uneasy truce...and an alluring man who has them both wrapped around his little finger.


Whew! That's a lot of news! Hope you're all having a wonderful start to July. You can always find me in my Facebook group, The Frost Files, or by following me at any of the links listed on this site. Have a good one Frosties <3

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