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Dissent is Available Now!

Dissent is live! Join Calix, Holden, and Neven on the action-packed ride to their HEA.

Dissent on Amazon

I wasn’t the president of the Devil’s Rage MC when I fell in love with Calix Durante.

Hell, I was barely a prospect. Him being the Iron Heretics President should have kept us apart, but it didn’t. We kept our affair a secret for years before he called it off. Only, while I was falling in love with him, he never let me get closer than arm’s length.

Now, we’re still bikers, both presidents, and he’s keeping me a lot further away than arm’s length these days. A truce between our clubs has fixed me in his orbit, but I’d have never guessed it would take another man to bridge the divide between us.

Neven is beautiful, shy, and possesses an unknown allure that has Calix wrapped around his finger. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. Of course, I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t wrapped right around his finger too.

Dissent is the fourth book in the Iron Heretics MC featuring an intense love story between three men—Holden, Calix, and Neven. This series is best read in order.

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