Open Wounds

Contemporary MM Romance Series


Open Wounds #4

All his life, Vidar Rourke has stood tall against every challenge he’s faced—from his father’s fists to the demanding world inside an MMA cage. Providing for and protecting his family has been the north star on the path he set for himself years ago, and he’s never faltered. 


Never get attached. 


Two men have come into his life like a whirlwind hellbent on throwing him off course. One a new possibility and the other an old ache—both equally tempting. As his walls start to crumble, he’ll have to balance letting them close enough without dropping his guard.  


Never reveal your weak spots.


An old mistake crawls out of the shadows issuing a challenge and threatening the delicate harmony he’s found with his lovers. Stepping into the cage again was never part of the plan, but as the door shuts behind him on the most important fight of his life—he’ll make every punch count.       

Matched Intensity

Open Wounds #3

Rory Wilson has been called a lot of names in his day—hot head, ginger, fire-kissed, homo—but the only one that ever mattered to him was the day Magnus Rourke looked at him and said, mine. Growing up hopping back and forth across the pond with his American dad and Scottish mum, taught him the value of roots and the strength of the kind of love that distance can’t touch. He thought he and Magnus were a forever deal until the call of family and a promise made had him setting Magnus free and hoping that the intensity of their love wouldn’t be diminished by time.

Magnus Rourke. Son. Brother. Lover. Friend. Porn star. Soulmate...or at least he’d thought so. Growing up together, even when an ocean separated them, he knew that he and Rory Wilson were the real deal. Like the love of his family, he never questioned it until, unexpectedly, Rory ended things before moving back to Scotland to care for his dying grandfather. Back home now, Rory is a temptation Magnus isn’t sure he should give into, but like any moth to a flame, he finds himself back in Rory’s orbit. When ghosts from the past reach out to haunt them, Magnus is determined that nothing will keep him from missing his perfect match again.

Take Down

Open Wounds #2

Two men. 

Harbor "the Viking" Rourke is known for being a badass inside and outside the cage. His life revolves around working to win the MMA Middleweight championship title, riding his Harley, and making his family proud.  He doesn't have time for relationships until one anonymous hook-up has him questioning his choices and making the list of things he cares about a whole lot longer. 


One shot at a championship title. 

Life hasn’t been easy on Theo Smith. He's used to standing on his own two feet and jumping without a safety net. The crowning achievement of his self-built fitness and MMA empire would be wrapping the MMA Middleweight title belt around his waist. When a shot at the championship falls in his lap, he's thrilled, but shocked to find that for the first time there might be something in his life more important than getting ahead. 


For either man to claim the title, they’ll have to take down the one that’s already won their heart.

Carry And Drag

Open Wounds #1

Lift. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.


Qualifying to compete on a national level is all that’s on power lifter Dagen Rourke’s mind. After an injury sidelined him the previous year, his only goal has been to overcome the physical challenges and mental demons to get back in the game. Falling into bed with the new artist at his brother’s tattoo shop was never part of his training schedule. Now he has to find a balance between the time he wants to give Ollie and the brutal training for what could be the most important competition of his life.


Run. Tattoo. Doze. Keep going.


Oliver Vos jumps at the chance to work at Vidar Rourke’s award-winning tattoo shop, Open Wounds. Getting out from under a nasty mentor and making it on his own is all Ollie has dreamed of for years. Unbeknownst to him, the room Vidar offers to rent him until he’s back on his feet would have him sharing space with tempting gentle giant, Dagen.


Living together is an adjustment, and when the heat between them morphs into something more will old insecurities and new tests drag them apart? Or will they find a way to carry the weight of their burdens…together?

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