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On this page you'll find stand alone stories as well as multi-author projects that I've contributed to. 

Cold Light - Criminal Delights: Assassins

Being an assassin wasn’t something Lexington Campbell ever envisioned for himself, but after spending eight years doing just that, he’s prepared to take his place at the table of his father’s motorcycle club, The Iron Heretics.


Arden spends his nights dancing on stage at Spritz, one of St. Louis’s hottest night clubs, and waiting for Lex to pass back through town. After being orphaned young, he fears letting himself get too attached to the distant, bearded Lex, even after three years of inviting the man into his bed.


When Lex finds himself with a price on his head, he unknowingly pulls Arden into the darkness with him. When things aren’t what they seem, and enemies abound, will they find themselves still standing together in the cold light of day?


The Brotherhood of Ormarr Book Two


It was just another job—at least it was supposed to be—but snaring the feisty blue dragon I’d been contracted to collect and her rider in my trap changed everything. Hunting dragons was my job, and I was damn good at it. I’d never missed a target. Never failed to make a delivery. So why was every step toward turning over my bounty suddenly a struggle? No quarry had ever managed to get under my skin, but something in Zale’s haunting blue eyes called to me like nothing ever had before.  



When Itsaso and I were kidnapped, we fought like hell but found ourselves at the dragon hunter’s mercy. He locked my dragon away, leaving me to face captivity alone. Now, all I have to rely on is the training that’s been drilled into me every day for as long as I can remember and biding my time, waiting for Davis to make a mistake. Or my brothers to find and rescue us. But something happened the first time I truly looked in Davis’s eyes, dark pools as deep and enchanting as the sea, and I realized I was in so much more danger than I thought. How could a ruthless dragon hunter be my perfect mate?


Zale is the second book in The Brotherhood of Ormarr series. While each book focuses on a different couple, the overall story arc continues in the next installment. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest reading in order. Zale is a m/m romance, and is recommended for adults 18 years and older.

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Book Four: Malachite by Michele Notaro and Sammi Cee

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An Open Wounds and Breaking the Rules Crossover

After spending twenty years serving in the US Navy while Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was in effect, Darren Davis is unapologetically out and proud. He knows exactly what he wants in a relationship, and up and coming MMA star Andre Harrison isn’t it. He’s too young, his time in Austin is too fleeting, and he’s definitely way too far in the closet. All Darren has to do is convince his traitorous heart that Andre isn’t the man for him.


It’s true what they say, one phone call really can change your life. Rushing home to Austin when his former hockey star father has a heart attack puts Andre Harrison on a path he hadn’t allowed himself to imagine. Between trying to mend his father’s health, keeping his MMA training on schedule, and hiding his growing attraction for hospital President Darren Davis, he finds himself succeeding on all counts except one. Try as he might, he can’t deny the connection he feels with the sexy silver fox, and wonders if something real could grow between them if they’d only break their own rules and give their feelings a fighting chance.

Kiss Off

Valentine's Inc #2

Rough and tumble biker, Harold Jackson, has no interests beyond making sure his grandmother, MiMi, has everything she needs, stepping into the boxing ring every once in a while, and working his life away in his automotive garage, Jackson’s Auto. When a sassy little number walks into his life through an open bay door, Jackson doesn’t know what to think. Westley is witty, adorable, and has no qualms about going head to head with him. Then Westley announces that he works for Valentine’s Inc. and has been hired to help Jackson jump back into the dating scene. Will he dig his heels in or open himself up to find out what he’s been missing?


Work, school, work, repeat. Westley’s life feels like it’s on a constant loop running from one job to the next trying to make ends meet and pay for his online classes. Being a dating specialist for Valentine’s Inc. isn’t the most steady work, but it’s always an adventure. Only he never imagined someone’s grandmother hiring him to woo her grandson out of his shell. Jackson isn’t like anyone he’s ever been on a date with, for work or pleasure, but he’s determined to help the rough man let out more of the tender side he keeps under wraps, even if Westley can’t keep him for himself.


Into the Mystic, Volume 3


Dance With Me

a short story

by Michelle Frost


Dominique Silver, Werewolf PI, isn't in the business of catering to rich vampires even if they are gorgeous. When vampire Madeleine's signet ring is stolen, she risks Dom's ire if it means having the best investigator in the city on the case. Animosity simmers even as attraction sizzles, but when the trail leads them to an unlikely thief and hidden truths are revealed, will it rip apart the tentative trust they've built? 

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